Atteindre l'orgasme vaginal ?

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Published on Dec 24, 2016
How to Have Multiple Orgasms with 7 Tricks | How to satisfy a woman sexually | How to make love
Though people of all genders are capable of enjoying multiple orgasms, it’s no secret that women are more likely to report reaching a climax more than once in a single sex session.
Multiples for women can take on a variety of forms: some women have a series of less intense orgasms followed by a big bang Oh! Others alternate between G-Spot and clitoral stroking to experience different types of sensation as they orgasm. And others only enjoy multiple orgasms when they’re deeply relaxed and free of practical responsibilities.
Despite the monthly magazine headlines that proclaim otherwise, there are no moves or techniques that will guarantee multiple orgasms, but there are several approaches that are likely to enhance your climactic experience, regardless of how many times you orgasm:
1. Cup and Pulse:
When you feel the orgasmic contractions coming, cup your hand over your entire vulva with a good amount of pressure. Keep thrusting, rubbing or grinding as you did to reach orgasm but add a pulse over your entire vulva in rhythm with your orgasmic contractions. You may find that the contractions intensify and multiply to create a cascade of pleasure.
2. Breathe deeply:
Exaggerate your breath. Inhale and exhale purposefully -- as slowly and deeply as possible. When your arousal levels peak and your body wants to take quick, shallow breaths, defy its natural inclination and continue to breathe slowly inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.
3. Stimulate multiple hot spots:
Engage your breasts, lips, clitoris, G-Spot, perineum and other responsive areas simultaneously. Different nerve pathways can produce different “types" of orgasms (there may be only one orgasmic response, but women perceive different sources of stimulation differently), so awakening multiple pathways can increase your potential for multiple orgasms.
4. Change techniques:
If your first orgasm results from clitoral stimulation, switch to the G-Spot at the first sign of orgasmic contractions. Recent research suggests that exploring multiple regions of the body may be the key to multiple orgasms.
5. Take your time:
For many women, orgasms require energy, so if you’re exhausted, distracted or stressed out, you’re unlikely to have the energy or presence to reach orgasm, let alone enjoy multiple orgasms. Setting some time aside for yourself to enjoy life both in and out of the bedroom will likely improve your sex life more significantly than any position, sex move or technique.
6. Squeeze:
Contract your pelvic floor muscles in between each orgasmic contraction. Some women find that squeezing these muscles prolongs the climax and can generate a second (or third) orgasm.
7. Push Through:
When you reach orgasm, the head of your clitoris can become hypersensitive, so you likely avoid direct contact. But if you push through and keep stimulating the area with your fingertips, a toy (or your partner's lips), you might discover a simple path to multiple orgasms.
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